Pumpkin Porridge with Orange

Good morning lovelies! Breakfast is my favourite occupation. Mostly I'm waiting until I'm done with yoga, a good morning walk or a nice run. That enhances the anicipation and lets me celebrate the day :-) Porride, means cooked oat flakes and it's very nourishing in winter and for athletes. It warms my hands after a sprint through the woods. And for all of the others it is simply delicious!!! And it's made quick and easy...

Makes 2 portions.

230 g(1 cup) hokkaido pumpkin. 180g (3/4 cup) without seeds
100 ml orange juice
1/2 tsp. chai spice
70 g (1/3 cup)oat flakes
1 tsp. flaxseeds
150 ml almond-rice milk or other dairy-free milk

Cut hokkaido into cubes and let it cook with the orange juice for 10 minutes. Keep the lid closed. Add chai spice, oat flakes, flaxseeds and non-dairy milk. Stir while boiling up. Fill Porride into small bowls.

To taste:
1 orange
a handful of Gingerbread Granola

Fillet the oranges. Serve porride with oranges and granola. Hmmmm...

Have a wonderful day!

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