Chocolate Almond Panforte

This weekend everything is a little more calm then usual. Shopping in the city, tinker some christmas cards and eating christmas cookies meanwhile :-)
I always wanted to make vegan panforte. The italien pastry mainly contains nuts and dry fruits. It is very aromatic and very delicious with tea or coffee. The pastry is baked in a springform pan (round or cornered), powdered with powder sugar and then cut into pieces. Very quick and so delicious!

To this I have created some beautiful christmas tags for you. You can download the printable template HERE

Makes 1 springform pan 15x15 cm with aprox. 24 pieces.

100 g almonds, roasted
100 g candied orange peel
50 g figs, dried
100 g cranberries, dried
50 g pistachios
120 g whole spelt flour
2 tbsp. cocoa
cloves, cilantro, cinnamon, ginger
150 g raw cane sugar
150 g agave syrup
2 tbsp. amaretto or orange juice
2 tsp. powdered sugar or raw cane sugar

In a mixing bowl mix together almonds, candied orange peel, figs, cranberries and pistachios. Add flour, cocoa and spices and scramble.

In a small pot boil up sugar and agave syrup until sugar has completely disappeared. Give the hor sugar mass to the nut mixture and mix all together with amaretto. Be quick on that step because the mass is getting harder real quick.

Put baking paper in a baking pan 15x15 cm and even the mixture in the pan. Bake at 140°C (284°F) circulating air for about 35-40 minutes. Let it cool off in the form. Then powder the powdered sugar on top of it and cut it into small pieces.
Have a wonderful third advent and lots of fun with the christmas bakery!

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