Curcuma Semolina with Berries

Hey guys!
While preparing my christmas menus I want to introduce you to this delightful dessert: a curcuma-pumpkin semolina with red berries. The title is a little bit long that's why I call it curcuma semolina with berries. It tastes fantastic and it's suitable for breakfast as well because it ist all natural and without any refinded sugar. It is made out of whole grain semolia. I wish you lots of fun with cooking this dessert and maybe it fits perfect into the choice of your christmas menu.

Makes 4 portions.

250 g hokkaido pumpkin (220 g seedless)
100 ml orange juice
100 ml non-dairy-milk (almond milk)
600 ml non dairy-milk (almond milk)
150 g whole spelt semolina
1 heaped tsp. curcuma latte (spice mixture)
80-100 g maple sirup
2 tbsp. cocoa
A pinch of cinnamon, vanilla and salt
200 g mixed red berries
1 pomegranate

Remove seeds from hokkaido pumpkin and cut it in small pieces. Let it cook in orange juice with closed lid for about 10 minutes until it is done. Mash it up with 100 ml non-dairy-milk. Then add more milk and semolina and let it cook for 2-5 minutes and stir up meanwhile. Add curcuma, maple sirup and spices. Split semolina pudding in half and add cocoa to one half. Spice and sweeten it some more if you like.

Put both semolina pudding halfs in a glass and put in layers on top of the other. Serve with pomegranate and berries.

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