Cheese Celebration for Vegans

I got a package from Happy Cheeze - raw vegan cheese. I heard it is fantastic. Good ingredients and pure craftsmanship. Finally a product thats not from a factory. I was so excited when the package arrived.

I tried:
cream cheese spirulina chili
cream cheese ramson
soft cheese with herbs
cashew camembert "happy white"
cashew camembert "classic"
cashew camembert "ramson"

What makes theses varieties so special?
They're raw, vegan and organic.
They're handcrafted.
The most special thing is that they are ripened. Which means they were added with fermented vegan cheese cultures. You can really taste that.

The look of the food is just as important to me as the taste of it. The cheese has very nice packages. The soft cheese with herbs is decorated with herbs and looks very sweet. The cream cheese spirulina chili is gloriously blue which suprised me. Definitely an eyecatcher. The camembert is covered with mould, just like we know it from cow cheese. Inside it is a little bit darker but that doesn't bother. The soft cheese looks just like the goat cheese I know from the cheese counter. All different kinds of cheese can be served on a silver platter and they will suprise your guests. So thumbs up for the optics.

The smell is very decent. It can't be compared to savoury cheese. A lot more enjoyable I think. In case you can store the cheese in the fridge without the package and you don't have to run away when you open the fridge again.

I had to try the camembert at first because I was so interested about the taste with the mould. My expectations were very high. The "happy white" cheese tastes very good but it isn't as soft as an animal camembert is.

I was very suprised by the spirulina chili cheese. I have tried a lot of different types of cream cheese before but this one tastes so fantastic. It has a sourly hot taste, very delicious.

The rasmon cheese kinds are very delicious as well and not to intensive. It's very difficult to name a favourite out of all these different kinds. I really liked the soft cheese with herbs.
Do you need this?
I have tried to make cheese myself once. The manufacture is not that easy because it depends on the temperature and needs a lot of time. Who really wants to spend 6 weeks on making cheese. I could never be patient enough.

The different cheese kinds cost from EUR 7,95 up to EUR 12,95 for 100-150g. Compared to animal cheese this cheese is a lot more expensive but I would definitely buy it. The cheese is worth every cent. In addition to it no one has to suffer for that cheese and it's a natural product.

You can find the different types of cheese online or at a local organic store. For example at Boutique Vegan an online shop.

The happy cheese is a good piece of handcraft and proves that small projects can have a big impact. They set new standards and you support a true initiative and expire true indulgence. Perfect for a dinner with the family. Thanks to Annika & Mudar for making this cheese. I hope your cheese is going to be known worldwide and lets everybodys hearts melt.

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