Spicy tomato-tofu spread

As spread for a yummy multi-grained roll, dip for sliced vegetables or sauce for a summerlight wrap...

1/2 cup tofu (100g)
1/2 cup flaked almonds (50g)
1 teaspoon pine nuts
10 dried tomatoes in oil
4 talespoons soya-yoghurt
1 shot of lemon juice
3 teaspoons tomato puree
1 teaspoon yeast flakes
basil, thyme, oregano
salt, pepper, paprika

First of all mash the tofu with a fork. Then roast and season almonds and pine nuts in a pan. Add 5 dried tomatoes and 2 teaspoons yoghurt and give everything (without tofu)into the mixer. Dice the remaining tomatoes and give them with the tomato-nut-bulk, the lemon juice, tomatoe puree and the remaining 2 tablespoons yoghurt as well as the yeast flakes to the mashed tofu.
Season everything very well and fold in the minced herbs. YumYum.

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