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Hi, and a warm welcome to Veganpassion. This blog is a dream come true for me and since 2010 lies at the heart of everything I do. This blog is the one place I can live my love for food, cooking and fotography, and it is the safe space my growing project "Veganpassion" startet.

I started blogging recipes in 2010 linking people with the idea of a better world and delicious recipes, that not only serve animals, the environment and your own health, but just leave you happy at the end of the day. So I sincerely hope you find motivation and inspiration in a dream like version of the land of milk and honey. It just needs a little crafting in the kitchen to get wonderland home to you.

Have a wonderful time,
Stina x
My vegan Journey
When I was a little kid (let me just take a tiny detour here), my sister was preparing a talk for school and I got interested in the topic "People for the ethical treatment of animals (Peta)". So I helped her out and was quite shocked by all the images that came across our research. To make a long story short , I wish I could say I went vegan right away, but it was back in the late 90s and veganism wasn't well known (I mean no excuses), I went vegetarian.
Years later (2008) living with my boyfriend he decided to go vegetarian as a New Year's Resolution. This was quite unexpected and caught me off guard because I had never tried to convince him. But it got me thinking and I got back to investigating the ethical treatment of animals. It turned out, that for both meat and dairy animals are used and thrown away like objects, which at the time, I wasn't aware of. THIS is when I decided to become a vegan. Gladly my boyfriend came along, 'cause looking back this journey would have been much more difficult on my own.
Blogging as a living
I studied Business Engineering and really loved my job coordinating programming projects, but it never seemed to make my heart jump. You put so much effort and energy into projects, that may be creative and great, but they don't make you happy at the end of the week, month or year.
As I had turned vegan, there was a constant lack of good quality recipes. Either it was recycled paper books without images starring porridge and pumpkin, or it was no recipes at all. And then you wouldn't believe how opposed you can get to others eating meat, and how this can, negatively of course, affect your friendships. So first I didn't want to be the "difficult vegan" anymore and brought a whole tray of muffins, pie, cake or whatever to a friends house, whenever I was invited. Second I decided to do something about the missing recipes and started blogging my favorites on this very blog. A picture with every single recipe to leave the reader with this hungry drooling. It has to be yummy, weather vegan or not - yummy is what I am going for!

As a publisher asked if I wanted to do a book (A real book?!? This was a huge deal! - of course I said yes!), I quit my job (true story) and startet as an author. You don't get much out of life if you don't take any risks, right?

So this is how it startet, 5 books later, and with some new projects like the Plant Based Institute, I'm still here (thanks to you out there!) and I am immensely grateful for every day I can spend meeting amazing people wanting to share the same idea. For now I am mostly working in Germany, where you can see me on fairs and festivals, in bookstores and tv shows. I am working hard on an english ebook version for this year and would like to see more of the world. I feel like there is much more to get connected with and can't wait to get to it.

I can only encourage you to follow your bliss every day.
Hope to see you soon,
Stina x

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