Black Bean Truffels

Hello lovelies
For Valentine's Day you can always give away some chocolate. There's always a good reason for chocolate. For your New Years resolutions I have created these truffels made out of black beans for you. Give a sniff at these delicious truffles and try them out. No one could guess what they consist of and they were gone so fast I could not believe my eyes.

So why don't create a special Valentine's Day gift for your loved ones. Homemade and from the heart

Makes 25 pieces

1 can (8 oz) black beans
2 tbsp.oats
4 tbsp. cocoa
4 tbsp. coconut sugar
2 tbsp. coconut oil
some cocoa to toss

Drip off the black beans and put them in a mixer with oats, cocoa and coconut sugar. Blend it nicely. Warm up the coconut oil a little bit and add to the mixer. Blend until smooth.

Form 25 balls out of the chocolate mass and toss them into cocoa. Keep the balls airttight so that they don't drain. Enjoy!

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