Feelwell Detox Challenge

It is cold outside, the first sunbeams are making their way through the clouds and everyone around me is sick. I refuse to let anybody get to close to me. Those of you who are reading my blog a little longer know that food is the best medicine (and chocolate probably too). On Instagram you can see all of the dishes I'm eating and you know that sometimes it all ends up in a chocolate disaster. That's why the upcoming three days will be just as difficult for me as they will be for you. I hope we'll make it through these days together :-)
I'm callenging you to join my "Feelweel Detox Challenge" !!! 3 days of healthy eating, drinking smoothies and enjoing the colorful variety. I promise you guys will feel fresh, cheerful and cleaned up afterwards. 

For the upcoming three days I have thought about a firework of ideas which contain fruits and veggies. All of them contain great nutrients that will fill you up and let us swing happily into the evening. The recipes are simple, not expensive, they don't need much time AND you can bring the dishes to work. I would say yaaay! 
We're starting Monday, Jan 23rd: 3 Days Feelwell Detox. Who's in? I hope you guys are joining me and we're experiencing a great, delicous time together. I'm so excited to hear your feedback, see your pictures, read your reports and hear your opinions on kontakt@veganpassion.de.

The challenge is segmented into three days. Besides the food, drinking water is very important. 8 glasses of water (still, unsweetened Tea or infused water) a day help the purging and keep the water balance steady. I personally orientate myself at daytimes or I like to put a jug on the table to remind me of drinking water. To get the 2 liters of water a day I like to orientate on this model:

1 glass of water (1/2h before)
1 glass of water (1h later)
1 glass of water
1 glass of water (1/2h before)
1 glass of water (1h later)
1 glass of water
1 glass of water (1/2h before)
1 glass of water
Since I am very nibbleish (I bet this word doesn't exist), I can't bear without an emergeny exit. I am the worst person in dieting ever. Health and wellbeing are convincing me more than the will to loose weight. As a little exit strategy I have provided some energy balls. If you need sweets just like I do you can suck on a slice of apple or you can prepare some macha balls preventive (I'm just saying).

If the portions aren't enough for you or if you want to boost your immune system you can drink a smoothie any time you like. The green component in the smoothie strengthens your cells and help your digestion.

Come on guys, let the detox begin...

Day 1
 Ginger Tea - Baked Banana Porridge - Apple Pumpkin Soup - Lupine Bowl

Morning: On the first day we're starting with a ginger water. Simply cut a piece of ginger, add some melissa and douse it with hot water. Drink this before breakfast and throughout the day. While we're enjoying our tea and kickstarting our metabolism, we're preparing a porridge. For this we will need 2 tbs crushed lupines, 2 tbsp oats and 1 tbsp chopped dates. Combine with 1 cup water and bring to a short boil. Cover the porridge up and set is aside for 5 minutes so it can quell. In the mean time, cut a banana in half and cook it in a pan without oil. Serve the banana, fruits and porridge to your liking.

Afternoon: For lunch we're having a appel fennel soup. The sweetpotatoes and pumpkin keep you full for a while and the apple and fennel make the soup fresh. If you want, you can enjoy a slice of wholewheat bread. Fennel is antiphlogistic and tastes very delicious.

Evening: For dinner (but before 6pm!) we are having a colorful lupine salad with an almond mustard dressing. For this you will need to bring 1/4 cup crushed lupines with 1/4 cup vegetable broth to a quick boil, set it aside and let it quell for 10 minutes. Serve a handful of mache, paprika sticks, a handful of red cabbage slices, 4 radishes and 1/4 cucumber slices on a plate. For the dressing (my favourite almond mustard dressing!!) stir 1 tbsp almond butter with 1 tbsp lemon juice and 2 tbsp water. Add some mustard and spices and spread the dressing on the salad.

Day 2
 Mango Curcuma Smoothie - Chia Breakfast - Beetroot Bolognese - Cream Zoodles

Morning: The next day starts sunny and yellow with a fruity curcuma smoothie. Use 1/2 mango and a piece of ginger and curcuma. Add 1 cup of orange juice, 1/3 cup of water and some lemon juice and blend everything nicely. The chia breakfast cares for a lot of antioxidants. Quell 2 tbsp of chia seends with a little less then 3/4 cup of almond drink (or any other dairy free milk). Set aside for 5 minutes. Add unsweetened jelly or frozen berries and sweeten with agave sirup if you like.

Afternoon: As a soul food lunch I'm getting really excited for the beetroot bolognese :-) You can use rice spaghetti or whole grain spaghetti.

Evening: For dinner it's going to be light and fresh again with veggie spaghetti. So delicious! Cut 2 zucchinis into spirals with a spiral cutter. Add some olive oil into a pan and heat it up. Toss the spaghetti in it for a short time. Add 1/3 cup soy cream, some lemon juice, 2 tbsp chickpeas and spices and warm everything up. Serve with fresh herbs and dried tomatoes. 

Day 3
Ginger Tea - Smoothie Bowl - Cellophane Nudels Salad - Scrambled Tofu

Morning: For breakfast we will have a Green Smoothie Bowl. Topped with frozen berries. Ice cream for breakfast is so nice! If this is to cold for you, you can thicken the ice cream with 1 tbsp chia seeds or flaxseeds.

Afternoon: It will get crunchy for lunch with a colorful cellophane nudels salad. You can easily prepare and box it. It also tastes much better when you set it aside for a little while.

Evening: Last but not least we're having a delicious plate with srambled tofu and lots of veggies. Therefore use 4 oz tofu and roast it with a chopped onion. Add some curcuma and italian herbs and roast until the flavour unfolds. Meanwhile seperate 1/4 head broccoli and steam it with 1/2 beetroot for 10 minutes. Serve everything on a plate and spread almond mustard dressing (day one) on the veggies.

Have a lot of fun during the detox days! I'm looking forward to challenge with you!

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