1 Christmas - 4 Menus

It's that time of the year again. Christmas has come. Time to relax, enjoy the peace and family time while baking cookies. With the warmth of a chimny spreading through the room. It's a time to introspect and value the quiet. Sense of wholeomness that each day brings.

I always get excited for Christmas. Not only because of the iceflowers on the windows, the sugar frosted trees and the gleaming leaves in the morningdew. I love the family time spent at the dinner table that the season brings. Even if you cant always tell with me, food is there to be enjoyed and what better way to do it than to do it at an oaktable surrounded by the people you love.

It's because of that reason, that I created four whole menus for you this year. From easy and fast meals to gourmet cooking; these meals will hopefully contain something for everyone, because there's no better time to enjoy a happy wholesome vegan meal than now.

What are you guys planning in eating on Christmas? I'm so excited to hear which ideas you guys bring to the table whether is be an exravagant classic meal or something quick and easy. Who's swinging the cooking spoon in your kitchen on Christmas eve?

Menu 1: Easy Peasy
Quick and easy. Making a meal for the whole family in the blink of an eye. Soup and tart are easy to prepare and the one pot pasta basically cooks itself.
Beetroot Almond Soup with roasted chickpeas
Banana Choc Tarte

Menu 2: Around the world
To Asia and back please. This menu seduces everyone with its colorful flavours and ingredients. An eating experience for everyone set up in a"selfserve" manner. 
Quinoa Rolls with Butternut
Green Thai Curry
Curcuma Pumpkin Semolina  with Berries

Menu 3: Jolly xmas
Christmas happy and healthy. Not in the mood to be stuffed, but rather enjoy a nutritient rich meal? This Menu is rich in proteins and packed full with healthy ingredients.
Raw Cheese
Green Bowl
Açai Cheesecake

Menu 4: Christmas Gourmet
For really enjoying a meal and showing the vegan delicousness off to the whole family. This meal will certainly allow you to impress everyone. Hobbycooks and homemakers will thrive with joy while cooking this meal
Baked Persimmon Red Cabbage Salad
Porcini Risotto with Beetroot Balls
Aquafaba Gingerbread Mousse

I hope you guys have lots of fun preparing these meals, which hopefully include something for everyone. If you guys have requests or ideas for new recipes, let me know in the comments. Hugs and love to all of you and have a happy fourth Advent.

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