Cheese sticks

These ones are really delicious. And if they are spared till cooled down, they fit perfectly to every salad, at a buffet, as a half-time snack or for dipping.

Vegan cheese isn't easy to find and contains often a lot of chemistry, which doesn't whet ones appetite. But I like the cheese I used here. Well, it doesn't melt like "real" cheese, but there are several tastes offered and it tastes well cold or cooked without any artificial aftertaste. For this recipe I decided for the spicey one. With this the sticks smell and taste lusty appetizingly.

For 20 sticks:
10 oz. puff pastry (300g)
1 bunch of mixed herbs (Chervil, Parsley, Dill, mint)
10 green olives marinaded
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 oz. vegan cheese (100g)
2 tablespoons vegan cream
white pepper and salt

Roll the pastry to a 10x14inch rectangle (25x35cm).

Chop the herbs and olives finely, shred the cheese and mix it with the olive oil and cream. Season well.
Halve the dough. Spread the herbs-cheese-mixture onto the one half, then lay the other on top. Cut the dough into 20 stripes. Bake them on a pan applied with baking paper for about 30 minutes at 360°F (190°C).

Ready! Feasting is that easy :-)

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