Happy New Year everybody!

Sorry for not writing the last days but I was kind of busy due to work, Christmas and some recent changes on my German blog. But now I am back and eager to provide you another favorite recipe of my German followers: Russian cheesecake on top of Brownies (an experiment that turned out to be delicious ;-))

For the Brownies:

1/2 lb. flour (250g)
2 oz. starch (50g)
2-3 tbsp. cocoa
4 oz. sugar (110g)
pulp of a vanilla pod
2-3 tbsp. oil
7 fl. oz. water
4 oz. apple purée (100g)
1 tbsp. apple vinegar
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 oz. chocolate sprinkles (50g)

Mix flour, starch, baking soda, sugar and cocoa. Add oil and purée and stir in water and vinegar bit by bit. At last mix in the sprinkles and give 3/4 of the bulk into a greased and floured 8x8inch (20x20cm)baking pan.

For the cheese-cream:

1 lb. soy-yoghurt (500g
4 fl. oz. soy-milk (100ml)
1 sachet custard powder
5 oz. sugar (120g)
5 oz. margarine (120g)
1 tbsp. lemon juice

Drain the yoghurt for 1-2 days in a coffee filter in the fridge.
Stir the custard powder and milk till it's smooth, then add the remaining ingredients and pour the dough on top of the Brownie-base. Garnish the top with the remaining choco-bulk.

Bake it at 320°F (160°C)for about 45 minutes. Let the cake dry for about 20 minutes before serving.

Bon appetit and a lot of baking fun.

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