Gnocchetti on pumpkin-blossom sauce, caramelized cherry tomatoes and basil tofu

That was the lunch some days ago. The quantities are meant for about 3 dishes.

For the pumpkin sauce:

1 thick slice of pumpkin
½ shalott
2 tablespoons olive oil
13 fl. oz. water (200ml)
17 fl. oz oatcuisine (oat based cream) (250ml)
salt, pepper, stock
Flower Power blossom mix (herb mixture)

Sauté the chopped pumpkin in some olive oil, then add the diced shalott (onion). Season with stock, salt, pepper and nutmeg and deglaze with water. Add about 1 teaspoon of dried blossoms and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. As soon as the pumpkin is done, puree and strain everything. Keep the sauce warm until the rest is prepared.

For the cherry tomatoes: just heat two tablespoons olive oil and caramelize about 1 teaspoon of sugar in it at medium heat. Then roast about a half pound of tomatoes (250g) in it.

Now dice a half pound of basil tofu (250g) and roast it gently together with the remaining shalott in some oil.

Cook the wild-garlic-gnocchetti (we used about 2 pound for 3 persons; they are available in the super-market) in salted water and pour some oil on top after draining to avoid them sticking to each other.

Serve them togehter with the pumpkin sauce, cherry tomatoes and tofu and crown everything with some herbs and blossoms.

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