Little foretaste...

... of tomorrow. Today I spent the whole day with an incredible amount of sugar like I wanted to :-) *beam with joy*
I formed sugar flowers all day long, rolled fondant icing, tempered chocolate icing and decorated. Probably the best day of my life (less for my boyfriend who I annoyed every other hour by asking "So?...What do you think?...How do you like it?")

I will translate the whole recipe tomorrow - promised. But now I am resting my hands a little bit (by manicuring them ;-) )

Thanks for all the people who are dropping by from facebook by the way. I really appreciate your visit and I hope you like my little blog and will visit it again once in a while. It's quite motivating to see that one's work is liked by others.
As my friend wrote on facebook we really would appreciate if you would leave us some comments of what we could do better either in translation or in describing or even in design.


your kitchen fairy (Küchenfee)

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