Fancy nougat cake with mango jelly

My desire to bake awakes by the first ray of sun in the morning. So I went up this morning and hurled into the kitchen to let my ideas run wild and this cake was the result. It is made of a chocolatey sponge, nougat-cream and tasty mango jelly.

For the sponge:

2 cups flour (240g)
1/2 cup sugar (100g)
1 pkg. baking powder/soda
2 tablespoons starch
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 knife point powdered vanilla
1/3 cup apple purée(50g)
1 cup soya milk (220ml)
1 tablespoon vinegar of raspberry (or any other fruit vinegar)
2 tablespoons margarine

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, starch, cocoa and vanilla. Stir in the apple purée, soya milk and vinegar and knead everything to a smooth dough.
Cut a baking paper to the size of the baking sheet and elapse the dough on it. Bake it at 360°F for about 10-15 minutes. Just as far until it doesn't stick to a toothpick anymore.
Disperse the two tablespoons of soya milk onto the dough and besprinkle it with sugar. Let it cool down a bit afterwards. Stamp your prefered shapes out of the baked dough ( in this case butterflies) and crush the remaining pieces. Mix them with the margarine. Then press the crumbs in a cake setting ring of 10 inch (24cm) and let it get a dry touch.

For the mango jelly:
1 big mango
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 pinch chilli
1 pinch curcuma
2 tablespoons jam sugar (2:1)

Dice the mango into small pieces and boil it up together with the lemon juicy and jam sugar. Add some chilli and curcuma, then purée everything.
It has to cool down a bit, before you are able to continue to use it. Give 3/4 of the tepid bulk on top of the chocolate base and let cool down the remaining 1/4. For the blossom-deco the jelly has to be extruded at a nearly completely cooled state.

For the cocoa-nougat-cream:
1 1/3 cup soya cream (300g)
2 tablespoons cream stiffener
1 cup nougat (100g)
2/3 cup cooking chocolate (65g)
1 pkg. vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt

Melt the cooking chocolate and nougat in a double boiler. Whip the cream together with cream stiffener, sugar and salt. Stir in the chocolate bulk and disperse it on top of the layer of mango jelly. As soon as the remaining mango jelly reaches the right temperature, ornament the tart with it and put the butterflies on top. If you like to, you also may sprinkle some fruit crispies on top...

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