Confections of saffron

There are millions of ways to refine pralines. If they are self-made they are something special anyway. For me the perfect praline does not have an exotic taste but something surprising. An exotic flavour may taste delicious, but does not fit to every season or occasion.
I went for an ancient spice: saffron. The idea hit me by browsing through the net. They smell so pretty lemony and taste such aromatic.
I defintely had some trouble to detain my boyfriend to eat 'em all up at once.

Like always with self-made confection they are a little laborious. I could not make a larger quantity as my favorite online-shop was not able to deliver more white chocolate. If you want to do a bigger bulk, just adjust the ingredients :-)

For about 12 pieces:

2-3 tablespoons soya-cream (Soyatoo or Oatcuisine, I decided for the Oatcuisine, as it has a little more fat as flavor enhancer)
2 teaspoons vegetable fat
1/3 cup white chocolate (vegan!) (40g)
1 teaspoon sugar
paring of half a lemon
1/2 "wrap" saffron-strands (it is said to be 0.1g, but who is able to scale that)

Warm the fat and resolve it in the cream. Grind the saffron in the martor. Add saffron, sugar and the paring of the lemon into the cream. Give the chocolate as flakes or minced in a bowl and souse it with the saffron-cream. Stir until the chocolate is comlpetely resolved.

Give the bulk into an appr. 5in. x 6in. pan and cool it down.

I put it into the freezer for about 15 min. before frosting it. Handled this way it does not melt immediatley when I start covering it with the warm couverture.

Temper 1/2 lb. of chocolate coating. Dice the bulk of saffron in small pieces and distribute them across an aluminium foil. Give for each praline a dollop of chocolate on the foil, add the stuffing and let it cool down afterwards. If you are using decor-foil, cut it into the right size before coating. As soon as the chocolate begins to harden, you may remove superfluous chocolate of the edges. And as soon as the confections are cooled down you may remove the decor-foil as well.

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